Frequently Asked Questions


1Why should consumers choose electric motorcycles instead of conventional motorcycles?
Global oil reserves are getting depleted day by day, meaning that the price of oil will keep increasing due to higher demand and depletion of resources.
2How are electric motorcycles more beneficial than conventional motorcycles?
  • Improvement in air quality.
  • Less noise pollution.
  • Clean, renewable sources of energy can power these motorcycles.
  • With no petrol consumption, cost of operation is greatly reduced.
  • 3How will electric motorcycles benefit corporations and businesses?

    Electric motorcycles require minimal maintenance and servicing. This will free up employee time for more important functions. It also provides better internal control by removing the risk of petrol being misused.


    1Is special equipment needed to charge electric motorcycles?
    Our electric motorcycles come with their own provided charger, which can be plugged into any standard 3-pin socket.
    2How long does the battery take to fully charge?
    From 6 to 8 hours (from 0%) of worry-free charging, thanks to our charger, which is equipped with overcharge protection.
    3Why does the charging time take many hours?
    We decided not to use the current fast-charging technology, as it will quickly deteriorate the battery and shorten its lifespan.


    1Why should consumers pay more for an electric motorcycle?
    The total cost of ownership of electric motorcycles is lower than conventional motorcycles, thanks to minimal maintenance and fuel costs.
    2Why do electric motor batteries seem to cost so much?
    As electric vehicles become more popular, mass production of batteries will increase, and costs will decrease.
    3Why does new technology cost more, compared to older technology?

    Efficiencies tend to improve as technologies mature, reducing costs. For example, lithium battery prices have dropped 80% between 2010 and 2016, and continue to decrease.


    1Is the environmental impact of electricity generation the same as petrol engine consumption?
  • Energy burnt at electricity generation power plants is more efficient than energy burnt by internal combustion engines.
  • Fuel engines cause air pollution because the fuel isn’t always 100% pure and doesn’t burn perfectly clean.
  • Electric vehicles can be powered by clean renewable energy such as solar, wind, wave, and hydroelectric.
  • 2Are the batteries toxic, and will they end up in landfills?
    The lithium-ion batteries are non-hazardous to the environment and are fully recyclable.


    1Is the maintenance of electric motorcycles the same as for conventional motorcycles?

    Electric motorcycles require less maintenance compared to conventional motorcycles, since they require no engine oil filter, timing belt, air filter and many other spare parts.

    2Can an electric motorcycle be washed like a conventional motorcycle?
    Washing and cleaning an electric motorcycle is similar to washing and cleaning a conventional motorcycle.


    1Do electric motorcycles ride differently than conventional motorcycles?
    The riding experience is similar, except that there is almost no noise and electric motorcycles have higher torque.
    2How many cycles can the battery last?
    Batteries can be charged and discharged for approximately 700 cycles, although proper care and maintenance can help prolong battery life.
    3Can I ride long-distance with an electric motorcycle?
    Our electric motorcycles are currently more suitable for riding around town or village areas, but not cross-country biking, due to range limitation.
    4Are electric motorcycles suitable for me?
    If your main usage is for short daily commutes, our electric motorcycles are very suitable for you.
    5Are they roadworthy?
    Yes. Our electric motorcycles have been rigorously tested by SIRIM and JPJ.


    1Is it dangerous to ride an electric motorcycle, since its silent?
  • When assessing road situations, we rely primarily on sight, so a silent motorcycle does not significantly impact road safety.
  • Many road hazards cannot be heard because of cabin noise inside a car, so a car driver will react to a silent motorcycle similarly as to a bicycle.
  • 2Are electric vehicles a fire hazard?
    Electric vehicles possess similar risk of fire as conventional vehicles.
    3Can I ride an electric motorcycle in the rain?
    Yes. Our electric motorcycles have been through stringent SIRIM testing, which includes 48 hours of rain shower with water coming from every angle.

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